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Oh My!!! Wendy Williams!!!

You have no choice but to be yourself on her show. If she likes you, more power to you. For anybody who heard it today around 4pm, she likes us. I would love to have a radio show. It really has to be a power trip to know that so many people are listening and counting on your word and song to make or break their day. I had fun! Anyhow, San Francisco Sunday, Ginuwine is going to be there, I'm going to faint, I love him, I've loved him since his 1st album. My favorite song would have to be I'll Do Anything/I'm Sorry on the 1st album. the 100% Album was fiyah. I had the album on repeat for about a year..."so meet me at 11.30, I love it when you talkin durty..." Marshmellow aka Skye's Aunty