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Marsha Ambrosius SOLO!!!!

Yes, family, friends and otherwise.... I have been offered a once in a lifetime opportunity to create my own album. Along side the mastery of Dr.Dre's magic and the collaborative efforts of my choice, I shall make my personal mark in music history. Of course, the type of person that I am, I took a lot into consideration. Whereas many wouldn't have even blinked an eye lid before saying yes, I actually did. My decision to go ahead with the deal were based on the following...... It's a once in a lifetime opportunity...... It would be unfair to me as well as everybody else that knows me not to do it regardless of my hesitations..... I am 3 albums, 7 Grammy nods as well as every other accolade deep into Floetry...... I am 28 years old..... I've dreamt a long time that my chance would come and I deserve the opportunity to really tell my story..... I believe that this would be completely beneficial to Floetry as well as my long term goals..... I instantly got butterflies when I heard about the offer..... This would be another stepping stone for me and my growth as a complete artist..... I believe that the collaboration between myself and the powerhouse of Aftermath will put a glitch in the Matrix "...now was that supposed to happen???" Floacist- Opera- Floetic 2002 :) ...... I'm about pushing the envelope..... I like suprises...... I am grateful for the support system I have in Floetry..... "Blessed to have another moment, some more time spent, some more minds to get into, blessed to have another day dream, another maybe yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah..."