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The Countdown Continues...

I'll have you guys know that it hurts me to see the dissappointed looks on your faces and the blase tones in your emails when I can't really tell you when Flo'Ology will actually be in stores. This tentative crap is getting on my nerves too. I can only guarantee that its completely worth the wait.

I am wide awake at 4.37am Saturday morning, haven't slept yet. We have another 20 minutes to perform later 2day on the Sugar Water Festival Tour at The Tweeter Center in New Jersey. Looking forward to it immensely. I kinda switched up a few melodic patterns just for fun in a couple of the songs. I wonder if anyone will notice!!!!??!!

Anyways, nothing has changed, still doing laundry, still not sleeping when I should be.

Holla back