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7 Grammy Nod's!

Ladies and Gentlemen, For the past 4 years, Floetry has been nominated for a Grammy or two. It's amazing! I was watching CNN and John Legend was being interviewed about how he feels to be nominated for 8 Grammy's for next years February 8th ceremony. 8 nod's at one time..... he better go 'head, congrats to him also. But, to have your work consistently celebrated each year upon the release of a debut album is an incredible accomplishment. Natalie Stewart, I applaud you... I was about to go into my thank you speech but Damien Marley is also nominated for Jamrock in the same category and where I always want to win, respect is respect and I couldn't even be mad at that one. Trust me, I've been mad in the past like, how the heck did we lose that one LOL... Nah, I'm excited, I'll be trim and slim by then, plan on doing a work out plan after the holidays because I am going home to eat. My mother asked me what I wanted for Xmas this year and I said FOOD! I'm not ashamed. I've got to start thinking about my outfit, that's really why I love going to the Grammy's, to get dressed to go there. I had a beautiful time at the last one and have to make sure I top it next year, I'm sure a win would do that but we'll see. Thank you guys for supporting, the story continues........ Marshmellow