Nana Bessie

Nana Bessie

3 years ago to the day.... I feel you, I hear you, I see you, I believe in you, but I cry, oh I cry, my light.... Sometimes You Make Me Smile... So much more to be written.... All my love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

West Coast!!!

Aiight, we're in San Diego right now... I'm munchin on some salt & pepper calamari courtesy of P.F.Chang's (don't care pluggin em... I love it) Bout to get ready, not sure what I'm wearing for the show 2nite, I better make a decision quick coz I don't have that kinda time... :)

Back In Philly March 21st!!!

Well, I'm getting ready to get back on the tour bus and live the good life on the road.... "On the road again.... hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm" Donkey from Shrek.... Anyways, I look forward to the floetry fam representing at the shows, can't wait to meet you all face to face for the first time or for those who have already hung out with us, can't wait to do so again...

Sherese Melton, Family & Friends...

My prayers are with you, All my love... Marsha Ambrosius

Happy Berfday Sis!!!!

Happy Berfday Sis!!!!

Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go shawty its your berfday.... we're gon sip Bacardi like its yo berfday.... Cheers mate, here's to now and forever afters..... Love it.... Mellow & Hard-Dough.....

Marsha Ambrosius SOLO!!!!

Yes, family, friends and otherwise.... I have been offered a once in a lifetime opportunity to create my own album. Along side the mastery of Dr.Dre's magic and the collaborative efforts of my choice, I shall make my personal mark in music history. Of course, the type of person that I am, I took a lot into consideration. Whereas many wouldn't have even blinked an eye lid before saying yes, I actually did. My decision to go ahead with the deal were based on the following...... It's a once in a lifetime opportunity...... It would be unfair to me as well as everybody else that knows me not to do it regardless of my hesitations..... I am 3 albums, 7 Grammy nods as well as every other accolade deep into Floetry...... I am 28 years old..... I've dreamt a long time that my chance would come and I deserve the opportunity to really tell my story..... I believe that this would be completely beneficial to Floetry as well as my long term goals..... I instantly got butterflies when I heard about the offer..... This would be another stepping stone for me and my growth as a complete artist..... I believe that the collaboration between myself and the powerhouse of Aftermath will put a glitch in the Matrix "...now was that supposed to happen???" Floacist- Opera- Floetic 2002 :) ...... I'm about pushing the envelope..... I like suprises...... I am grateful for the support system I have in Floetry..... "Blessed to have another moment, some more time spent, some more minds to get into, blessed to have another day dream, another maybe yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah..."

My Cousin Shenice!!!

She is the most beautiful girl in the world. I love her to bits... We are having a wonderful time in Philadelphia. Hopefully I can get her a Nike commercial before the summer. She is an amazing soccer player. At only 13 years old, she can take on Ronaldo if she wanted to. "Thanks Marshie...." she says!!!! We are in the crib watching movies and eating popcorn and doin girly stuff while we can. She has to go back to Liverpool on Saturday, I have to get back in the studio, get back on stage, do something... I'll miss my family when they leave. I have had a full house over the holidays and I always get kinda sad when they leave. I mean, its great to have your own space and everything but when you get used to hearing the loud voices in the morning..... I'll miss em. Anyways, enough of that sentimental crap, we out. Got a battle of Ms.PacMan bout to jump off. Holla...

Back In Philly!!!

Happy Holidays people, I had a ball back in London. I flew back out to Philly a few days ago with my mother, my aunt and my cousin. We are about to have a New Year's Party @my crib!!!! Everything is great with me! I wish all of you joy and happiness in the forthcoming year. 2006.... Here we come....


So good to be home!!!!

Happy Holidays!!!

Happy Holidays!!!

The past 3 weeks or so have been the longest of my life. I am so excited to go home! As usual, I'm doing laundry and packing and trying to pack extra things just in case I forget that someone who shows up unannounced at your door on Xmas Day!!! LOL! I want everybody to reflect on what was and enjoy the possibilities that lay ahead, we can all make our dreams and wishes come true, if you wish big enough, dream big enough with no expectations, your blessings will not only be given but deserved. I wish everyone happiness and joy, much love to all, Marshmellow (2005 Dedicated to Nana Eva, I'll miss you)

Richard Pryor

Acknowledgment: Thank You Rest In Peace...

7 Grammy Nod's!

Ladies and Gentlemen, For the past 4 years, Floetry has been nominated for a Grammy or two. It's amazing! I was watching CNN and John Legend was being interviewed about how he feels to be nominated for 8 Grammy's for next years February 8th ceremony. 8 nod's at one time..... he better go 'head, congrats to him also. But, to have your work consistently celebrated each year upon the release of a debut album is an incredible accomplishment. Natalie Stewart, I applaud you... I was about to go into my thank you speech but Damien Marley is also nominated for Jamrock in the same category and where I always want to win, respect is respect and I couldn't even be mad at that one. Trust me, I've been mad in the past like, how the heck did we lose that one LOL... Nah, I'm excited, I'll be trim and slim by then, plan on doing a work out plan after the holidays because I am going home to eat. My mother asked me what I wanted for Xmas this year and I said FOOD! I'm not ashamed. I've got to start thinking about my outfit, that's really why I love going to the Grammy's, to get dressed to go there. I had a beautiful time at the last one and have to make sure I top it next year, I'm sure a win would do that but we'll see. Thank you guys for supporting, the story continues........ Marshmellow

I'm Goin Goin Back Back to Cali Cali...

We're in L.A, I'm bout to go to P.F.Chang's, get me some crab wontons. I swear I love them things. 2nite is the Roxy shows. I can't wait. Looking forward to meeting whoever won the Ebay bid. Congrats in advance. Looking forward to feeling the energy of my favorite west coast crowd. Its about to be on!!! Marshmellow

"When You're Going to San Francisco..."

Well, well... Can't wait to get over to the west coast, feels like forever since we did a Floetry gig out there. My Thanksgiving break was beautiful, I have a beautiful extended family and would love to take the time out to thank all of them for making 2005 such a memorable one. Mrs.Barbara Finch, Jackie, Carol, Anthony, Leroy & Mom, Andre, Alexis, Ashley & Simone, Kaylin, Shyanne, Denise & Mom and friends. I had such a wonderful time and I want to thank you guys from the bottom of my heart for genuinely being there for me when I need you. Happy Holidays to all, can't believe this year is almost up... 2006 promises big things... Marshmellow

Oh My!!! Wendy Williams!!!

You have no choice but to be yourself on her show. If she likes you, more power to you. For anybody who heard it today around 4pm, she likes us. I would love to have a radio show. It really has to be a power trip to know that so many people are listening and counting on your word and song to make or break their day. I had fun! Anyhow, San Francisco Sunday, Ginuwine is going to be there, I'm going to faint, I love him, I've loved him since his 1st album. My favorite song would have to be I'll Do Anything/I'm Sorry on the 1st album. the 100% Album was fiyah. I had the album on repeat for about a year..."so meet me at 11.30, I love it when you talkin durty..." Marshmellow aka Skye's Aunty

I Don't Do This Often But....

I don't have my lap top with me that often anymore so I don't add my diary as often as I should. Just want to let you guys know that I care, I do, I'm the observant type. I like to listen. The shows thus far have been great experiences, each different from the last. Last night, Cleveland knew every last word of our set. It was great. Kinda takes some weight off my shoulders, you know, no background singers. I rely on the energy that the show delivers and now that the album is available for you to hear, I want everyone singing at the top of their lungs!!!! Many thanx, SongStress P.S.This is my first time on here since the update so bare with me on the PM's and such.

Oh My!!!

Guys and Dolls, I am hype, I haven't been able to sleep. We have been on the road doing promo, I've had no more than 5 hours sleep a day for the past 9 days (people who know me, that is not enough sleep for me at all) and its been cool, I am as excited as I was Christmas Eve 1985. I'll be @ the midnight signing to buy our own album. Can't wait. Marshmellow

What Up?

Nothing new but another day, everything is all good with me, can't complain, we have another album about to be in stores. Flo'Ology!!! It's almost here, November 8th 2005. My favorite song of the day would have to be without a doubt in my mind, "Feelings" because the situation was so real to me. Can't wait to hear what your favorite songs are!!!

Much love,


I have a lot of friends and family from New Orleans. My prayers are with those who have lost during such a tragedy. Its unbelievable.


Almost Time!!!

Its is...


(for whatever you want, you hold the keys)


"Where is my heaven?
Where can you be?
How do I get there?
Do I believe?
Where is my sunshine?
Where is your light?
I want to see you
So you can make me smile..."

Sometimes You Make Me Smile- Floetry
Flo'Ology October 2005

Natalie Stewart, my sister,


Marsha Ambrosius

"So much more to be written..."

Sugar Water Tour Finale!!

Well, that's it then. The end of a wonderful beginning. The Sugar Water Festival, Queen Latifah, Jill Scott, Erykah Badu, Floetry.... we have to do that every year just because!!! I had so much fun, plenty of rich experiences, I grew up on this tour, literally. Turned 28 years young and allowed myself to just let go and be comfortable with who I am. Being that my life is like a fantasy, I have to make believe that anything is possible and live my life to the fullest. Last night, jam session hosted by Erykah Badu, living legends Wendy & Lisa, Shelia .E performed, we got up and did a little something, I am so spolied :)

"Juicy/Mr.Messed Up"
"Sweet Thing"
"Nights Over Egypt"
"Long Walk"
"Green Eyes"
"Ye Yo"
"All My Love"
"Sugar in the water y'all"

Sugar Water Festival 2005

Thank you

Go, go, go, go, go.........

Go shawty, its your berfday, we're gonna party like its yo berfday....

Thank you 50.

Anyways, I thank all of you for your birthday messages, poems, shout outs. Love em.

I am in L.A ready to party for real, I'll be on some rollercoasters all day, then whatever else we get into.

As a Leo, I claim the entire month of August as my birthday so I'll be celebrating for real.

Nat and Nayla got me some really cool gifts already. Its about 2.40am PT time. Getting ready for bed, went out last night in Vegas and I'm still a bit wrecked.

much love,



What up everybody! I'm cool, in Concord, CA at da hotel. I know I haven't been getting at you as much as I could have. My bad. Anyways, everything is wonderful, I love this tour. Its like a great big vacation. I'm learning so much from such beautifully genuine people. My birthday is on Monday 8th of August. I'll be 28 years of Splendor :)

Take care and see you at a show


The Countdown Continues...

I'll have you guys know that it hurts me to see the dissappointed looks on your faces and the blase tones in your emails when I can't really tell you when Flo'Ology will actually be in stores. This tentative crap is getting on my nerves too. I can only guarantee that its completely worth the wait.

I am wide awake at 4.37am Saturday morning, haven't slept yet. We have another 20 minutes to perform later 2day on the Sugar Water Festival Tour at The Tweeter Center in New Jersey. Looking forward to it immensely. I kinda switched up a few melodic patterns just for fun in a couple of the songs. I wonder if anyone will notice!!!!??!!

Anyways, nothing has changed, still doing laundry, still not sleeping when I should be.

Holla back


Sugar Water Tour (Day 2)

Maryland, I love the love you give!! Its kinda crazy condensing our set to 20 minutes with the songs that we know many of you wanted to hear. Still, its beautiful to be appreciated and amazing to be amongst such wonderful company, Queen, Jill, Erykah.... Classic. I watched Set It Off last night with Nat, Nayla and Rachel for the first time in a long time. The truth!!!!

Anyways, looking forward to seeing more Fam in the stands. Come on out, get there early, enjoy yourselves.

Sugar Water Tour 2005
Queen Latifah.... Jill Scott... Erykah Badu... special guests Floetry

My Bad!!!!!

I'm an idiot!!

Didn't really pay full attention to the directions as to how to add to my diary but now I know.....

What up?

I'm chillin'. Rather than fill you on the inbetweens let's just start here. I'm happy, healthy an rather hungry. Just left a Jamaican take out spot in VA after the 1st Sugar Water show. Had fun on stage as we always do. Its all about having fun for yourself!!!!

Anyways, I'll holla ery now an agin.



Hey Fam,

Welcome to the new and improved floetry.net. To those unfamiliar with how we get down here, its as open as you will allow yourselves to be. We are thankful for the opportunity to give floetry fans and friends to be able to check out the latest in our journey so enjoy.

Much love,

Marsha Angelique Ambrosius aka SongStress

Flo'ology... Summer 2005