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Floetry Nominated for a Grammy

Congratulations to Floetry, who were nominated for "Best Urban/Alternative Performance" for "SupaStar"!

Check Out A Floetry Review at Yahoo!

"...Floetry's music flirts with the spoken-word genre, which had its heyday in the late 1960 and peaked in the '70s with the likes of Nikki Giovanni, the Last Poets and Gil Scott-Heron. More recently, Erykah Badu, Jill Scott, Angie Stone and Musiq paved the way for Floetry's seemingly effortless stream-of-consciousness lyricism. However, Floetry has the added weapon of Ambrosius' astounding vocal range and Stewart's painterly and contrapuntal verbiage..."


Floetry Perform on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Be a part of FLOETRY'S live performance on JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE Monday, December 5th!

 If you are interested in being a part of the show, please visit 1iota and follow the simple registration directions. 


Remember, BE QUICK, because space is EXTREMELY LIMITED!


Rolling Stone Review of Flo'Ology

Floetry: Flo'Ology - “ Strong songs set this well-mannered R&B rap apart despite regrettable name.

Given Floetry's silly name and background in poetry, you'd think this British duo - "songstress" Marsha Ambrosius and "floacist" Natalie Stewart - was genetically engeneered to impress Grammy voters and Jill Scott fans.  Following up six nominations and a live record that improved upon the two's ho-hum 2002 debut, their third album mixes stylized lushness and just enough forward motion, with Stewart and Ambrosius working up urbane, velvet-lined valentines full of darting rhymes and coiling croons.  Most crucially, Floetry can write (for one, they penned Michael Jackson's 2001 track "Butterflies"); they dot Flo'Ology with heartfelt charmers such as "Feelings" and the Common-assisted "SupaStar," which overcome their lovesick platitudes through their smart arrangements and slo-mo hooks.  Dull spots abound, but at its best Flo'Ology gives moonstruck beauty a good name.

Key Track: "SupaStar" ”

Floetry Interview with

A wide range of questions answered, from the inception of Floetry to marriage.


USA Today Review of Flo'Ology

Floetry, Flo'Ology - Floetry, Flo'Ology (* * * ½) The duo of Marsha Ambrosius and Natalie Stewart return with their unique blend of soul and poetics. The follow-up to their Grammy-nominated 2002 debut, Floetic, finds them navigating a broad spectrum of emotions and affairs of the heart. Their sound is more mature and self-assured this time around, as they flow easily from the sexy (Lay Down) to the seething (Feelings) to the soothing (Sometimes U Make Me Smile). But whatever their mood, they deliver their songs with passion while still managing to sound cool. No one else comes close to their seamless melding of rhythm and rhyme.


Vibe Magazine Review of Flo'Ology

Floetry - Flo'Ology -

There’s no doubt that Marsha Ambrosius (the Songstress) and Natalie Stewart (the Floacist) share a natural musical spark when they join forces to become Floetry.

With their third offering, Flo’Ology, the duo’s sound is more sophisticated than ever, oozing a touch of class that is lacking among their sex-peddling contemporaries. But there is also something to be said here about their spoken word-meets-neo-soul approach wearing out its welcome. Although their chemistry is undeniable, the Floacist’s pseudo-spiritual verses are easily outshined by the Songstress’s gorgeous vocals.

Ambrosius and Stewart, however, radiate an empowering self-awareness, no longer victims suffering from love’s growing pains, but active participants in the progression. Instead of expressing the headaches, hatred, and heartbreak that women are so accustomed to, and attached to, in song, the lead single, “SupaStar,” truly honors love, without hesitation. Floetry puts its special someone on a pedestal while predictable (yet befitting) choice Common joins in to “dream of a love supreme” over Scott Storch’s melodic, mid-tempo keys. As Ambrosius sings, “My love is honest and true and I can prove it,” Stewart falls short in her attempt to match Common’s level of lyricism.

While the interaction of two different vocal styles is what makes Floetry distinct, Ambrosius’s voice is strong, breathy, and beautiful enough to carry an entire album on her own. She rubs up real nice against the dancehall-tinged drums on “Closer,” a flirty, don’t-fight-the-feeling song slightly weighed down by Stewart’s sultry yet unsubstantial wordplay. The Ambrosius-produced “Feelings” is a vulnerable, private ballad about catching feelings. Backed by a piano, Ambrosius’s emotive alto digs deep inside and lingers there for five heart-gripping minutes.

Even while we long for more soul and less flo’, the pair comes together brilliantly on the album’s most intimate moment, “Lay Down.” The Floacist’s sexy sweet-talk meandering alongside the Songstress’s coos is the perfect complement here. The equally sensual “Imagination” encourages a lover to do whatever, go wherever, over Raphael Saadiq’s well-crafted bells and bass. Ambrosius sings, “I’m your favorite memory, remember me...I’m your favorite melody, listen to me.”

Having penned proven songs for Michael Jackson (“Butterflies”) and Styles P (the chorus on “I’m Black”), among others, Floetry makes an ill-judged attempt at covering Bob Marley & the Wailers’ “Waiting in Vain.” Ambrosius barely carries the vintage unrequited-love tune beside Stewart’s superfluous ad-libs. The couple is better served when it delves further into its own emotional intricacies of relationships. “Don’t Know What 2 Say” finds the pair tongue-tied over a crush and not knowing how to come clean, while “I’ll Die” is an empowering anthem about leaving when part of you wants to stay.

The range of emotions explored on Flo’Ology spans love’s many-splintered spectrum. Torn feelings of uncertainty reach beyond the musical content here, because it’s hard to believe in much when hurricanes and frightening government disregard are sinking and tearing apart lives. But Floetry will make you believe in love, allegiance, sisterhood, and those special sparks. And while they may not inspire you to rise up or start the revolution, their soothing sounds are sure to help get you through the night.


Watch Floetry Perform on STRIPPED!

Watch Floetry's Featured Performance on Stripped.


Floetry Interview at Soundslam

Go over to the Soundslam website to read a recent interview with the girls.


Floetry In-Stores

More Floetry In-Stores!

Midnight Sale
Monday, November 7th (technically Tuesday)
Sounds of Norristown
14 W. Main Street
Norristown, PA 19401 
Tuesday, November 8th
Tower Records
610 South Street
Philadelphia, PA 19147

Meet Floetry

Purchase the new Floetry, "Flo'ology" CD and get it personally autographed by the girls!

Tuesday, November 8th - 12 pm
Time Warner Building
10 Columbus Circle (Celebrity Level)
New York, NY

Thursday, November 10th - 6 pm
Carol's Daughter
24 West 125th Street
New York, NY

Watch the new video "SupaStar" featuring Common

You can now check out the new video for "SupaStar" featuring Common, on

The first video off the new album Flo'ology which will be released on November 8th.

Watch it now

Flo’Ology In Stores November 8th

FLOETRY set to release 3rd CD, Flo’Ology on November 8th
First single “SupaStar” features Common

Santa Monica, California, August 23, 2005 – It’s more than the passionate vocals of Marsha Ambrosius (the Songstress) and elegant spoken word of Natalie Stewart (the Floacist) that has fans captivated everywhere since FLOETRY first stepped on stage. The dynamic duo’s incredible success is deeply rooted in their ability to appeal to all ages, races and genres of music lovers. The proof is in their long list of accolades and demand for appearances: six Grammy nods, six Soul Train awards perched on their mantle, a NAACP nomination for Outstanding New Artist, a standing ovation at BET’s Walk of Fame: Tribute to Smokey Robinson, impressionable performances at the Essence Music Festival & Def Poetry Jam (HBO). FLOETRY known to make music that speaks to listeners’ mind, body, and soul are now ready to release a masterpiece to stand the test of time and raise the bar in music with their third CD Flo’Ology on Geffen Records. Plus, they’ve enlisted super producer Scott Storch and Hip-Hop’s savior Common on their 1st single, “SupaStar”.

Fresh off the Kool Philosophy Tour with The Roots and the Sugar Water Festival Tour alongside Queen Latifah, Erykah Badu and Jill Scott, FLOETRY are quick to point out the differences between Flo’Ology and the topics covered on their 6X Grammy-nominated debut Floetic and its follow-up, Floacism (Live). This time, the duo’s lyrics more specifically span the spectrum of romantic relationships. On up-tempo grooves like “My Apology” and “Let Me In,” Ambrosius and Stewart offer a sophisticated look at the often-confusing aspects of matters of the heart. On “Lay Down” and “Imagination,” they each delve into the sensual side of love. Finally, “Waiting In Vain”—a remake of the classic Bob Marley song—and the heart-wrenching ballad “Feelings” explore the effects of unrequited love. “Flo’Ology is about women taking more responsibility for what goes on in our lives,” explains Stewart. “Now that Marsha and I are more mature, we’ve come to a better understanding of ourselves, and naturally that’s reflected on the album.”

Still working with some of the same producers that were part of the musical force behind the first album, FLOETRY also enlisted the musical talents of beat genius Scott Storch on “My Apology” and the 1st single “SupaStar” featuring Common. Other featured producers include Rafael Saadiq (“Imagination”) and Whiteleaf Productions (“I’ll Die,” “Closer”).

Stewart and Ambrosius’ undeniable chemistry is at the root of there eargasmic blend of rhythm and rhyme. Having met for the first time as rivals on the basketball court in South London, the pair became fast friends, it was during this time that the two women decided to join together to form FLOETRY. Receiving praise in London for their live performances, FLOETRY journeyed to Philly to concur there passion for music and this is where they met their manager Julius Erving III, the son of hoop legend Dr. J., and DJ Jazzy Jeff. Floetic followed in 2002 and the ladies went on to pen songs for Michael Jackson (“Butterflies”), Jill Scott, Glenn Lewis, Bilal and most recently, the chorus for the Styles P hit “I’m Black.” Ambrosius is credited for the background vocals on Justin Timberlake’s hit “Cry Me a River” and is featured on The Game’s “Start from Scratch.”

FLOETRY has performed 160 live shows each year since the release of Floetic, and they are scheduled to hit the road once again for a FLOETRY Flo’Ology lounge tour across the country.

Trace Magazine Feature

Go grab your copy of the July/August 2005 issue of Trace featuring an exclusive interview with Marsha Ambrosius and Natalie Stewart of Floetry.

You'll get a peak into what they think about life on the road—
M: "The best thing about moving around is that you don't have to live up to any expectations. America's one big movie."

And also some of their fond memories of their rise to stardom—
M: "I told so many lies when I was little that I had to do something big. I told everyone in school that LL Cool J was my uncle and that Bobby Brown was my cousin!"
N: "And I told every one that [NBA legend] Julius Erving was my uncle, came to find out that when we get to Philadelphia, we meet Julius Erving's son, and he becomes our manager!"

Essence Music Festival

Floetry performing at the 2005 Essence Music Festival:

Saturday July 2nd @ 7PM

Louisiana Superdome

1500 Podyras St,

New Orleans, LA 70112


Floetry On Upcoming Earth, Wind & Fire Album

Acclaimed female poetry/soul duo Floetry bring their conscience cleansing balm to the soothing motivator "Elevated" (produced by Darren Henson and Keith Pelzer).

Legendary band Earth, Wind & Fire will release their 23rd career album, Illumination, through Sanctuary Records Group on September 20, 2005.



New Album “Flo’ology” scheduled for a July 2005 release

Features songs produced by: ScottStorch, Raphael Saadiq, Whiteleaf Productions and Keith & D

April Issue of Essence Magazine on stands now! In Full Bloom / page 134
March Issue of VIBE Magazine on stands now! FLOETRY/LONDON CALLING

Floetry performs at tribute to John Whitehead, Philadelphia, PA 4/20 – The Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts.

Floetry performs at the Prince’s Trust Concert in London on April 17th, 2005

Floetry taped Def Poetry Jam in February 2005 at the Supper Club in NYC. (air date is tba)


Stay tuned, lots of exciting tour news coming for Spring/Summer 2005! 3 sold-out NYC shows this week where Floetry showcased 4 songs from their new album.

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