A mother diary

Day four cont/d......

We are now off to Carol’s daughter in Harlem. I have just caught the accent of the driver of the vehicle he is Jamaican got talking to him and he has family that live in the same street as my mother in Montego Bay. Sometimes the world seems a very small place.  I need at this point to say something about Emily.  Emily works for (Ervin Wonder). Today Emily has on the BRIGHTEST pair of socks in America maybe the world if there was a power cut we could turn her upside down and use her as a beacon.


Did I mention that last night Gitta caught someone in SOB’s with a camera hidden behind one of the columns he had a microphone and the whole thing set up nicely.  Well Gitta was like a ninja crept up and got security.  Well there is a security guy in SOB’s have you seen him!!!!!  A nice guy who is as broad as the side of a house needless to say guy left minus the tape - this security guy well he makes Mike look ordinary and Mike is not ordinary…..


We are off to Carol’s daughter.  Its based in Harlem I have heard so much about Harlem growing up in England in the early years, some things make a real impression on you and coming to Harlem (sounds like a move without the cotton) is a real experience for me.


What a fabulous place they make all their own products.  Great fans so many lovely people big shout outs to Steve “from Penge” & sweet Tiffany.


Bought Candice and Aaron some Christmas goodies.


Back to SOB’s another great show I love to hear how the girls twin their voices Marsha’s voice sounds like an angel and Natalie’s voice takes you to another reality. I am a very proud person. 


My family who live in New Jersey and who I met for the first time at my mother’s funeral in Jamaica came to the show and we all had a great time.


On our way out from the show a girl was sitting with her leg on a chair we asked her what was wrong an apparently she had twisted her ankle dancing at the show.  She said she thought she was going to rock the night away until they got into the reggae segment and she went a little over board (smile) anyway she was happy we left her waiting for friends who were taking her to the hospital.  Hope you are well


Arrived back at the hotel at 2.00 cant find the key to the door and we have still not eaten the hotel provided us with a micro wave oven and we heated the food and ate and went straight to sleep.  Some of you guy’s wonder how the girls lost weight well if I hade been her any longer I might have shed a few pounds myself!!!


The end to another fabulous day.


Love all you real fans out there - you know who you are - the girls love you - and the family love you be cool goodnight.    

A mothers diary

Day 4


Nat and Marsh start the day with hair and make-up stylist arrives at 10.00 am.  

The 1st stop fearless music.  They will be doing 4 tracks for TV.


This morning when I woke I had a terrible headache and it does not want to go

away.  Like a long lost friend it does not seem to want to leave.  I am having such a good time it will be hard to go back to work and get back to the boring things in life.


Anyway here I am in fearless music the girls are next door in the recording studio

and I am watching on a wide screen they have set up in the office.


Mike the road manager is hopping mad - this time it is the bus driver he says the driver is an …….. !!!!! ……. I cant or wont put it all into writing but apparently he was calling Mike boss man which did not go down to well. Quick decision on this

one just get rid of him.


Gitta is the sweetest person so lovely (Gitta is Geffen and Universal) she really has the girls best interests at heart I like her very much.


Mike says Natalie is one of the best MC’s in America he has a very poetic way of putting things (we all love Mike)


Leave the studio and go off to meet with the girls lawyers.  Well what can I say. 

The lawyers are very impressive they say they only work with superstars and potential superstars.  That sounds good (smile) at the end of the meeting I am given a card as well and an invite to phone if I need to ask anything.  This headache is getting worse even though I am having such a good day. Off to another interview.


I have just received a call from my husband I miss him and his laugh - it is as loud as Nats.


Album sales this week are 65 – 70,000 thank you guys J.


Last night there were 20,000 hits to a website before it got a chance to be publicised.


We have ordered from Negril again and my head is getting a little better.  I keep ordering the same thing but it is so good – Here I come (sounds like a song) Denis Emmanuel Brown) lovers will understand. (smile)




How wonderful to be sharing my diary with my Mummy!! She is the art in my heart! Well I just would like to say...I LOVE PERFORMING WITH YOU ALL!! I am so grateful that it's you who decided to join in! Whoever it is that the you is that you are, I am so overjoyed that you are here! Just wanted to alert you all to that reality in my head, heart and spirit! ALL THANKS GIVEN UNTO THE ALL! Now off to Baltimore!! BMORE STAND UP! I'm gonna get mine...so you better come out to get yours! ONE LOVE!

A mothers diary cont/d

Entry Two
> Day Three contd> ...> .
> Well where was I - I had just finished talking to Queen Latifa and I was going
to tell you about the driver.  Well at one stage I though Michael the Road
Manager was going to loose it with him.  We are going round in circles (well in
England we say circles) I think in America you would say blocks anyway we have
passed Macy' s twice!! 
> We have now arrived at the MTV building in Times Square - life in the fast lane.
There is a long line of people waiting outside I have just heard that 50 cent is
here later and everyone seems to want a picture there is also a MTV dinner
planned for later tonight before the show.
> The girls have a photo shoot first - they are so professional and then we are
off to another floor for the interview.  The interview went on longer than
expected the view from up here on the ... whatever floor is fabulous.
> Left MTV and ordered, whilst driving - food from Negril.  Sorry if you are
hungry at this moment  but I had Oxtail with mashed green banana with garlic
Wowww.  A word of warning if I lived here I would be as big as a house the food
is toooo much and toooo good.  Although Negril is a Caribbean restaurant it has
the same ethic of overfeed.         
>  Sound check at SOB's and then back to the hotel for an hour before we have to
return.  Quick stop at the restaurant to meet the executive from MTV who
wants to meet Floetry and back to SOB's.  This driver is getting on everyone' s
last nerve.
> SOB's tonight the girls are doing two shows back to back what a day - these girls
are truly fantastic they give 100% all the time. No one at the show got short
changed and they have not stopped all day count the amount of interviews and
other commitments they had to make before performing today and then doing two
shows they work veryhard. 
> Anyway we have got rid of the driver that did not know his way to anywhere and
got another car home. 
> Guess what! I think that this driver is the brother of the one this morning!!!
Gitta has given him the address of the hotel and he is heading - only he knows
where. At one stage we were heading toward the Brooklyn Bridge.   Wonderful
Gitta hailed a cab whilst we are still in this other car asked him if he knew
the address and we all jumped out of the car and into the cab. Finally got back
to the hotel.
> The hotel we are staying at is the W in New York it is one of the nicest
hotels I have stayed in.  All the little bits that I always take for my
grand-daughter are much nicer than they usually are!!  The beds are like
floating marshmallows the rooms are gorgeous or maybe I am just OVER tired.


A mother's Diary

Hello fam this is the floacist's mum I am going to give you an insight into a
week in the life of Floetry.  Over the next few days I will post on to the site
extracts from the diary I kept whilst with the girls for the release of
Flo'Ology.  Hope this gives you an idea of the sort of life style.  (No names
have been changed as no one is innocent (Smile) )

I flew from England to be with Natalie for the album release it is so good to
see her as she is and will always remain the baby of the family and we love her
so much.  It was wonderful to see her and to be a part of the Floetry experience
first hand with Natalie and Marsha who from here on in I will refer to as the
girls cos that's how we know and love them,  'the girls'.  

Day one

Arrived at Philadelphia @ 3.15 pm after an 8 hour flight.  Checked through very
quickly and there was my darling daughter waiting for me.

Dropped off my bags and went to have something to eat. Tonight Floetry have a
midnight signing for their new album Flo'Ology that's why I'm here  (smile).

The signing went very well the shop sold out!!  This is a good start got back
home at 2.30 in the morning.  I am tired but very happy.

Day two

Up at 0700 am we need to be out of the apartment by 0800 am to be in New York by
1100 am.  The girls have another signing at 1200 pm at Borders.  About 90
people came.  Ray-Ray accompanied the girls on guitar and they did three tracks
- I love, I'll Die, especially when its played like this just their voices and
Ray-Ray on guitar its haunting sends shivers down my spine.  Lots of photo's
taken and everyone seemed genuinely happy to meet and be part of the Floetry
experience.  I picked up a few things for the Grandchildren Candice and Aaron.
And Natalie bought me some books as well.

Drove back to Philly girls went for a sound check.  VH1 are playing the album
and showing pictures of the girls Oh! my gosh there is a picture of my mother.
Wherever she is; she is thrilled Natalie was always a joy to her and now through
Natalie she will always be remembered.  This is such an experience Marsha had to
call Natalie and tell her to turn the TV over so we would not miss what was on.
They are playing the entire album and showing the live album and playing all the
videos this is great but we have to leave to go to the show.

What a show absolutely fantastic Philly really gave it up!!  I sat on the stage
with Mecca and watched the whole thing it was fab great audience participation.
Natalie says Philly audiences can be hard to please as they are used to having
all the greats on their doorstep well if that's the case they really loved what
they got tonight.  They danced they sang and the place was PACKED. 

Left the show and went to Tower records for another signing.   There was a big
crowd waiting for the girls and 137 albums were sold tonight.  This is a
much-awaited album I feel like I know it so well as we listen to the different
samples long before the finished article.  Estimates of sales for the first week
are between 60 and 70,000 WOW.

Day Three

Back to New York another early morning start.   The girls should have done an
early morning at Philly radio but the transport was late so they did it by phone
on route to New York.

First meeting was with hair and makeup.  I am sitting in the green waiting for
breakfast Gitta and Mike have gone to find something to eat.  The stylist's have
arrived so has the breakfast the girls are going through a transformation.  I
have seen a pair of boots, which are out of this world.... They will feature

First interview of the day is with FUSE the interviewer has told them that they
are the first female artists to be interviewed!  The interviewer said that last
week they interviewed Damian Marley (we love him). 

They were asked to share with their viewers what was the biggest lie they had
ever told.  Natalie told them about when she was at school how she had told
everyone that LL Cool J, Bobby Brown and Queen Latifa were all related to her.
We all had a really good laugh as it was so funny when Natalie told the story.
Nat says people who she went to school with may believe that she has now got to
where she is because all her "cousins" were already in the music business.
(Emily your's is still a better one!!)

Anyway when we got out of the interviews and Natalie switched on her phone guess
who had left a message, Queen Latifa! 

Nat (sorry from here on in I will call Natalie Nat cos that's what we call her
at home). 

Anyway Nat called Queen Latifa and told her the story they were laughing and
Queen told her that she had just been into Tower Records in LA and had been
buying copies of the album for herself family.  Nat put me on the phone with
Queen and she is always so nice to talk to like an old friend.

At this stage I would like to say something about the driver but I wont!!!!

The next instalment will be with you in the next couple of days.  Hope this all
makes sense I'm new to this.  The last time I kept a diary I was very young and
it was full of .......

The Floacist's Mum  


I made an investment. Scientifically speaking, an investment into a selfish pursuit with a probable selfless outcome! ...Egotistically speaking, an investment into getting what I want to get, in order to give what I want to give...Realistically speaking, doing what I have to do to manifest what I want ...Mathematically speaking, an investment in mastery...Spiritually speaking, an investment in true faith, the fuel of the soul...Romantically speaking, an investment in the quality of this experience...Supernaturally speaking, an investment in memory. Fear is fulled by the disconection to memory . Only remembering what one fears... making the memory of fear as disfunctional as the memory of love. Only remembering what not to do...not quite knowing what to do...not quite remembering...I made an investment today. I decided to remember what to do. I decided to know what to do...and I did it...I am doing it...I am being it...I am giving what I want and getting what I want to get...I am investing in my reality.


A wave of difference. Not here to revolt...too regal for that. Trying to get inside myself. Decided I want to take part, for memory is precious, and we're all seeking wealth. Value. Substance...choice. Decision after decision. Impulse after impulse. Romantic expression. History only knows the name of this era. So right now I choose peace. My overstanding has broken my boundaries. Humbling! Outerstanding. Objectivity. Subjectivity. Now I give birth to my observation...The Watcher..."obligation is a choice, and with this choice I select..."

LA stand Up!

And we are here...and we are going to the Beverly Center...holla at ya in a few!

We're In San Fran...

and we're hungry...off to China town...right now! See you guys later tonight...it's about to be nuts! WE ARE GOING ON FIRST...KNOW THAT...FIRST...DON'T BE LATE...9PM WE HIT THE STAGE...until then...FOOD!

The Prayer In Her Head

Somewhere in this story, my protector became my enemy. How am I to be inside this fictional family? For when I show my face, it will change the pace. We've been here before and we'll have to go here some more. But there's a stutter in my step, recorded in the tears I have wept. I'm feeling hesitant, about being so militant. I feel the need to manifest the powers with which I have been blessed. Internally I hear the call, yet externally I fear the Fall. For something is missing, that I know, but I can't remember the truth I sowed. This amnesia makes I feel so conflicted, some say it's a choice that has already been predicted. So I'll stand with the Mother. Enroll in the Mother. Be mentored by the Mother. I absorb through the Mother. And I'll be protected by my Father. I'll be protected by my Father. But my Father must protect my Mother. So who shall protect me?


I enjoy this sharing...this space of recorded thoughts...gestures...ideas...fears...personas...akas...vertual realities! This is like a magnificent scene in an even more magnificent animated movie called "Fantastic Planet". Living in the future...we are. Science fixtion has almost become redundant, because we all live like the jetsons...as a standard...The future is our reality...I mean Star Wars was set in a galaxy far far away, a long long time ago! So I enjoy these moments, living in the movies I used to watch...observation is a past time of the Gods...This is reality TV...All the reality is in the TV's and all the TV's in the reality...Life only imitates art when it needs encouragement...Art, recorded whispers, interdimensional, unapologetic exsistance. I am unafraid of being misunderstood...sometimes I paint pictures that need to be flipped to be screened and overstood, I bow down to the truth of the pendulum...sometimes speakers like what is heard, sometimes speakers just like to speak! I enjoy the freedom of thought...meditation. I can remember pondering at a very early age! So much so that I had to ponder about pondering to even ask myself how long I had been a ponderer...and the answer is...for as long as I can ponder, I have been pondering. Imagination! I use it all the time...it is the space between zero and one....between conception and birth...between thought and speech! Question...how prepared are you for the realization of contentment/success/balance? What do you ponder about? How often do you ponder? What do you ponder for? to achieve...to fantasize...both?

Funny How

Everything is so absolutely relative. Earlier today I had decided to allow myself to be disheartened...and it wasnt until I read about the disapointment that I was able to check myself. I mean, I have to be real, I have absolutely no idea who I upset...that's dangerous...that means I wasnt trying to be mean...dejavu...lesson learned and heard...recieved...I give thanks to the fact that the All is within All things...I was able to recieve a message from a word...disapointment...u see earlier that day I had allowed myself to allow myself to feel disheartened. This was way before I saw the post that my sister sent me an email about earlier that morning but I hadnt seen so wasnt sure of what she was saying...way before that I had just been allowing myself, to allow myself, to allow myself to be disheartened...and that is disapointing. Disapointing because I chose to allow myself...disapointing because I chose to have a trying day...so much so that I manifested an inncident that allowed me to come to my web site and check out my personal forum page, to be told that my behaviour is disapointing! Not the behaviour that I couldn't remember..."what are you talking about? what pm? what did I say?"...but the behaviour that I was completely aware of...my choice behaviour...my decision...earlier...in the morning...when I allowed myself to act disheartened. I feel blessed to be watch so closely by my foremothers, and to be answered so openly...Marry Poppins! Relativity...the difference between a noose and a necklace...Responsibility...I recieve...with thanks.

I cant stand...

Industry gigs...I have to be real with you fam...shtyt this is my web site, this is where we build and u get to know a little about my day...well let me tell u this...I can't stand industry gigs...now I dont mind gigs with PEOPLE who work in the industry attending, you know, 'cause people is people...and I love me some people...but industry gigs tend to have 'industry people' there...and you know us fam! We love to get in it...all up in it...energy tag...fantasy worlds...yes, yes, yes...we've been spoilt by the world that we have manifested together fam! forever...so we had an industry gig today fam...it's just hard to go from you guys to industry gigs! What a magnificent dilema! Some are worried about saving their best gig for the industry gig...we are blessed to have our best show everyday with you all! How blessed we are! Blessed to be able to get irritated by insuficient energy exchange! I feel wealthy right now. Spoilt like a little rich energy girl! This tantrum is an enjoyable display of contentment! I can't help it...It's what I'm used to...it's how I've been raised...I act like my Grandmother meant it this way! This is like fight club I tell you...because I definately felt that some of us were there! They were just undercover! "get your hand outta my pocket"...I'm loving the fact that it's so easy to be a rebel nowadays! I always thought that I was going to have to do so much more...although this is so much more than what I was doing before...but it's not really as much as I used to romantacize about! "floetry won't make u stand up and start a revolution, but it will get you through the night", "get your hand outta my pocket"...revolutionize this...we are more in control of our suffering, than the suffering have ever been. Most would've started to called themselves successful by now...anywho...that all came from some where...happy I wrote it down! What would I do without this freedom of expression?! I have a day off tomorrow! What a beautiful gift!

And we out!

Chi town, nice 2 c ya! Although I spent quite a bit of itr indoors and asleep! The show was corked...packed...ram...! Quick turn around...shower...check out, driving to DC...deadlines! Wooooooooooooooooooooooo!

It's 5o'clock in the morning, where u gonna b?

waking up in Chicago, about to do make up in order to do a 7:30am performance on the news! I want to cry...tears of joy! ;)


It is cold as jacks! My lord!

Fight Club!

Peace Fam! So another day...another day! There are some amazing things happening in my life right now. I have taken a step into the right now, to live within the right now, one must be unaffraid of walking within the unkown. A space where hindsight is manifactured but never accessible for use. The moment. Within this space there is another dimension of this exsitance just waiting to be embraced. I'm seeing more of your faces nowadays. I'm taking you in more whilst on the stage. I'm fully aware of that which we engage in every time we gather to sing and dance and radiate together! I am refueling...recharging and channeling! Forever letting it get through...what ever it is that one shall later recognize...claim. What a union we have formed! What a subculture we are! How exciting. Living...sharing moments! This is like fight club...I love that dual reality...in the now...in the know...in the moment! Why not enjoy this! What a facinating exchange to happen upon! What do you do when you come out to join us in these meditations? What do you do when you get home? I remember the night that my sister and I came home from Jodeci live at the Hippodrome (Marsha and I had managed to meet KC and Dalvin...touch down, perfect experience), we got home and put on our music video, video tape (you know the one!) and we stood in front of the tv and performed Stay...like complete twits! Energized twits never the less! What does it do for your experience of the music? How does it make you feel? What do you see? Do you get everything that you can get from the experience? Do you hold back? Do you feel like the show is for you personally? (I was convinced that Lauryn Hill came to Brixton Academy because she knew that Natalie Stewart must experience the show!) Do you go away and relisten to the music? Does it help you to get more from the music? I would really love to hear you describe the most intense moments that we have shared! I mean lets face it...we do get pretty deep together...don't we! I swear, it's like Fight Club...just less blood and more sweat!



Well what can I say...so many wonder about what inspires me...so many ask me what I miss about London! Well my nephew was born the day that Flo'Ology was released Oct 1 2002 and now he's a big boy, talking away, an amazing sense of humor and...did I mention, an avid supporter of Spiderman...infact, feel free to call him Spidey...he will answer. Now I hope and pray that the picture that I am attempting to post does actually post, because as far as I'm concerned, we all need this in our lives! Ladies and Gentlemen...I give you...Spidey Stewart!


I have had a wonderful day today, full of passion, silence, fantasy, intensity and laughter! I think I am going to write quite a bit before I go to sleep! I enjoying enjoying my days...so much so that I choose to enjoy them rather than not! I think thats why I feel so connected to SpongeBob! He is the most optimistic and fulfilled beings in this Planet! We have many parrells, there's of course, the gap! Then the laugh...trust me, I've got a pretty hearty one! And also the fact that my favourite job in the world was running the drive thru at Mickey D's Woooooooooooooooooo! I made those burgers for my own luch in ways that you could only dream of! I love to read great books and listen to amazing music, but no art comes higher on my list that the art that I live! Every moment has the ability to capture the sincerity of the most uplifting external message you have ever witness! Oh...did I ever tell you that I love to dance! Especially by myself to Fela Kuti, (but if you're really gonna dance to Fela, you've got to get naked), and just let it go...let it happen...let it be! Self expression is so vital...2 me! I can't wait to dance with my children! Woooooooooo are we gonna dance...and sing...and laugh! These are just my thoughts! Simple!

Energy...feel it!

What a wonderful wave of energy we are able to share together! I am blessed! Blessed 2 have another moment, some more time spent, some more minds to get into! I'm blessed to have another daydream...another maybe...yeah! I'm seated here feeling like I'm on sex in the city as I hear the voice over for these words that I write as my last communication (externally) before I go to bed! Chilling in my PJ's, winding down, reflecting and exhaling! What an amazing dual reality, reality is! My Mummy is back home safe! What a blessing it was to have my Mummy here with me! The picture of me on VH1 soul, in my pink Canada sweatsuit, and Stevie Wonder braids (!), was taken when I was about 4, living in Hong Kong! I remember that time. I remember that house. I remember my reality then! How wonderful it was to see myselves side by side on screen...whilst sat with my Mother in my appartment in Philly! How magnificent to see my GrandMother on TV!!! What's so exciting about the right now, is that I know that I am walking in the pages of my own poetry, as well as in the pages of others! It's quite exhilerating! It's almost a sensual feeling that never leaves. A beautiful exchange of energy becoming as fulfilling as what so many waste time to manipulate, without fully knowing how to access it...in a hand shake! A full conversation. An honest eye. And an even more honest tounge! How beautiful! Pulses of energy! Everywhere! How sensual this life can be! How absolutely enchanting!

Please 4give Me!

Can you believe that even with clear instructions, it has taken me this long to figure out how to post my diary entry! Well...it all happens when it should happen! THANK U ALL SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! The experience of releasing Flo'Ology has been something that I will never forget! It is such an amazing feeling to see ideas thought and decisions through to the end and then seem them blossom! SHOUT OUTS 2 ROCKY KOKO ARTIST CHOCOLATE GIRL CANDICE (FLATBUSH!) BIG SHIRLIE PBF Fam please try to make yourself known, we take the oportunity of building with you in person (when we can), as a beautiful reality! THE SHOWS! It's been amazing! BIG UP ATL, SAVANAH, NY! NY! U guys worked us out! 3 shows in two days, and you can only imagine everything else that we were running around and getting up 2! U guys energy truly pulled us through. the last night was recorded to be aired on a few channels, vh1soul and direct tv and all that good stuff! Patience is a vertue! How happy I am! SHOUTS TO JOESPH AND CHRISTIAN, and the rest of our amaing crew for the past two days. THE REVIEWS: I've been finding myself getting a little emotional reading what you all have to say about Flo'Ology. It is such an honor to be able to share this music, these feelings and this space with you all. One of the best things about this experience has been that my Mum has been able to see it all for herself. Thank u all for being so gracious with her! She's writing a news letter "A Week In The Life Of Floetry", and she's going to post it as soon as she gets home and edits it! So much more to say...but I'm just enjoying my first day off which happens to be my last day with Momma...she's going home 2morrow! ONE LOVE

What A Wonderful Day Off!

I spent the first half of it doing absolutely nothing!!!

And the second half...

We went to our listening party in Philly at Fluid! We had a ball...

I ended up going to bed pretty late because my energy was still up and charged...

Then up early for interview...




We start at 7am...

So I'm not staying long...just saying PEACE!




Hi Fam!

I'm proud to say that Marsha and I have made our way to a day off! We leave STL in the morning in order to get the rest of the day off inn our homes in Philly. WE only have one thing to do on Sunday so it's kinda like a day off!

We are grateful!

It's such a wonderful experience to do this ride again, and see the differences, that which is familiar and knowingly start planning the next time! I am set at creating the appropriate balance within myself in order to enjoy the wonder of the blessing that I have been deligated to. I refuse to get what I want and not know how to enjoy it...in whatever form that may come...blessings, challenges, exsistance.

I'm having quite a juxtaposed insperience. I am becoming much more settled!

My freedom is not bound by repression! Give thanks for that!

Repression is the worst curse one could place on thier own head. One of the most damning inheritance that fear passes down...

My decissions are no longer fuled by external ideologies...unless I choose to apply the equations that they represent. e=mc2

So grateful I am for this day off...it started an hour ago. Now im in my PJ's at my computer, dropping you a line!

See ya later!



We're in Chicago...

I've got Garrett's!


I needed that! I've been challenged a little with this change of season!

But I am well!

I miss my Mum a lot today, but I spoke to her a little earlier and we had the most perfect conversation. I am very satisfied!

And I am well!

We're about to go back out...we have a listening party thingy to do and we have a radio interview to do later 2nite. Then sleep and an early start to drive to STL!

Other than that...Today I was blessed with beauty of shedding. The ability to live fully, with no baggage! Wonderfully mastery.

So I am well!

12 days to go!



We finally saw the video! It took a while for me 2 figure out that Marsha was saying, "the video's on, the video's on...we're on vh1 soul"


Its really happening again!
We are truly blessed to have another moment, some more time spent, some more minds to get into! We're blessed to have another day dream, another maybe!



I had another experience today that encourages oneself to live up to oneself!

U2, LIVE in Philly, with a special suprise apperance by Bruce Springsteen.