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...Love You Natalie Stewart! ::giggling:: ...i send a subliminal message while im... going through the motions... first... it was&nbsp;a single... thought, now there are sooo many to vibe to... im not deep... its common sense!
Posted in The Floacist by MsDiva2u on 10-19-2007

Re: After party!!!

&nbsp;Br0wnie wrote:Diva -- Are you SURE? If I skip DC and wait for Bmore, and the show doesn't come here, I'mma hurt you! But I'm already off, since my bday is the 4th! Why would u wanna hurt me.... i mean of course unless u wanna ...hurt me... ::waving:: hey Ja'
Posted in The Shows by MsDiva2u on 10-19-2007

Re: Alright BMore!!!!

&nbsp;TheLoveMovement1 wrote:THIS IS A PLAY....? PLEASE FILL ME IN..IM IN CALI...SO PLEASE EXCUSE MY LATENESS yes it is a play... has been touring the east coast states... northeastern part of the tour will finish up the season... starting again next year... visit&nbsp; www.walklikeaman.net get to a book store&nbsp;and pick up the award winning ...
Posted in The Shows by MsDiva2u on 10-19-2007

After party!!!

Walk Like A Man After Party Sponsored by Mz. Vicki &nbsp; &nbsp; 501 Morse Street, NE Washington, DC &nbsp; Level I - Classic house, R&amp;B, rap Level II - Hip-hop Also the Kit Cat Lounge &nbsp; Admission:&nbsp; $10 with your WLAM ticket stub Admission includes light fare and VIP ...
Posted in The Shows by MsDiva2u on 10-17-2007

Re: ::waving::

&nbsp;SimiAuto wrote:lol... my sentiments exactly. I know I am really late but could you give me a brief board history. Im uber-new to this flo board thing and I feel like I may be missing something. Lol. I know this is random and probably vague. But whats the happenings?I feel like I am the New Kid on the Block without the hype. :-P hmmm... ...
Posted in The Shows by MsDiva2u on 10-01-2007

Re: Keshia Williams is the luckiest woman alive!

Yeh.. Psuedo.. that dust is flying over here too. wow... and wow....
Posted in The Music by MsDiva2u on 09-30-2007

Re: ::waving::

&nbsp;SimiAuto wrote:LMAO. Man I was thinking, ''My, she's bold!'' Lol. Not on the other shyt yet but maybe I should be. Haa... too funny. I need a drink. Want one? &nbsp; LOL @ My, shes bold.... smh&nbsp; That would been a real turn off...&nbsp; Bad enough Mommys 'flaunting her new gf' all over the country.. but&nbsp;she brought her home ...
Posted in The Shows by MsDiva2u on 09-29-2007


&nbsp;FINESSE1 wrote:Sign me! I've got mad skills! I rap and dance. When I was with this one label...POCKET-FULLA-LINT, INC, my album ''NIPPLIAGE'' went COPPER, fool! I've got this one cut...you've gotta hear it...it's called, ''GIRLS IN THE TUB''...BANGA! I'm telling you...we need to talk. Call my celly..8-3-2...oh, wait...it's turned off, right ...
Posted in The Music by MsDiva2u on 09-24-2007

Re: More Jena 6 info

LMAO!!! ur funny chica....&nbsp; ahh i just got bilingual on u... and wut!? But 4real though Keya... next time i call yo azz... u bett not take so long to answer! and..... Love Ya!
Posted in The Music by MsDiva2u on 09-21-2007

Re: More Jena 6 info

wutcha talkin bout woman!? lol I was looking 4 YOU! and u were MIA!!!
Posted in The Music by MsDiva2u on 09-21-2007
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