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The Music

Started by naadza at 11-12-2005 1:47 AM. Topic has 0 replies.

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   11-12-2005, 1:47 AM
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HEY whats up people .... I just wanted to give mad respect to floetry you are a simple inspiration in this complex universe and give alot of love through your music. i love that you all show love to the human conditions every time you write sing or speak your art. fabulous!! So to anybody reading this I would really like to suggest a group that i think should one day open for floetry if the occasion should ever arise i hope that perhaps floetry in there ever busy lives should they find the time to read this if they dont already know about that is this polish group called SISTARS a beautiful group for anybody who would like to hear them  the website is www.sistars.pl (the english version of the website is not up but if you click on the word "WEJSCIE" it will take you to the site) just open your ears and heart to this group that i believe floetry i know has influenced. i would like to get any feed back on what anybody thinks of this group quite frankly i am all about finding great  hiphop and soul music all over the world and if there is a group or artist you think should be heard i would love to know.....
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