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Started by Addiction at 11-11-2005 6:59 AM. Topic has 0 replies.

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   11-11-2005, 6:59 AM
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I knew your heart couldn't resist
I'm your winters bliss
I hold my hands open
and give you the world
even you said it
there's noone like me
you see
and wanna stay

I'm knew your heart make you come back home
I know your mine till the end
the most splendid
yea everyone has their fights
but where are you every night
with me
I open my hands to give you the world
you the most sweetest and bestest thing
to my sight
so sensual
to rub my scalp my feet
all that I ask to be pleased
and at ease
I love you so much

I knew your heart come back
cus with me you belong
we didn't start of love thang
for the wrong thang
believe it gets nothing but better
I'll never stop loving you
even when you get mad and wanna stay gone
for months
I'll still be here
all the same
faithful to you
cus you my man
*** the rest
you the best

I know you heart will bring you home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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