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Started by KJOY at 11-17-2005 7:54 PM. Topic has 0 replies.

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   11-17-2005, 7:54 PM
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Well I saw yall when you came to Charlotte at Ovens. 

I was hypnotized...I went to West Philly with ya...I lived the single life...hell you even took me back to when my 8th grade boyfriend sang Sweet thang to me...lol

That whole night was memorable and I wont forget it...I was like the only person on my side, or at least that I could see cause I was on the 3rd row, that was up singin and dancin with yall.  So of course when you came to my side I felt like you were lookin dead at me...I still think you were.  Anyway, how bout this chick behind me asked me to sit down cause she couldnt see....guess she missed the show!  Shyt I even hit the roger rabbit wit ya, the wop, the prep, the runnin man.omg

So of course when we got in the car we bumped floetic.

Great night!

I think an even better night...the ultimate night would be for Floetry to do a show with the great Lauryn Hill.  Ill go anywhere to see that.  My 2 fav's on one stage...The realist out here on one stage.  If only My future husband Tupac could still be here. 


Two Fingaz 

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