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Started by shyshy_sweets at 11-17-2005 5:30 PM. Topic has 0 replies.

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   11-17-2005, 5:30 PM
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Ok so this is my first posting on this site I hope U all like it.



 Lately, I’ve been haven this… craving, this urge.

This … Jones, a jones for love, not perfect story book love, but messy, acquired, you can hurt me so bad, but you always make me feel so good, kinda love. The kind where the thought of you embracing me visually, invokes a giggle.


The touch of your hand generates warmth throw out my body like a heated blanked turned on high and wrapped around me. Love that generates so much energy that after an argument it makes me exhausted.


You know when your so…. in love, that it makes you angry & stubborn and that makes u make mistakes, and the more mistakes you make, make u love that person even more..


Lately I have been havening this craving for love not just any love but strong love….


You know when everything is going wrong and just the sound of that one person’s voice sayin “everything will work out” makes it better, or when they piss you off and there’s no one that can piss you off that much, but then after picturing their face angry makes u smile…


I’ve been craving the imagination of imaging their smile or their smell and it’s like fresh rain in the fall… or warm laundry that just came out of the dryer and your body aces for them and all you can do is smile…


I’ve been haven a craven not any craven not for food, not eatable food anyways but food for my soul, my heart, mind and my body


I’ve been cravings love…

There's a fine line between genius and insanity. I have erased this line.

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