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Started by K-JiO at 04-20-2009 7:47 PM. Topic has 1 replies.

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   04-20-2009, 7:47 PM
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It was at the intersection of time and opportunity we found ourselves 
Destined to be the perfect 24, we were two twelve’s - 
Counted from a period in our lives that was leading up to this - 
A jar of cocoa butter and moments of naked bliss 
She lay forward on her belly unveiling a marvelous revealing 
Her beautiful back and @ss are exposed and facing the ceiling 
Leaving me with a stare on my face before coming back to my senses 
For the skin I’m about to touch feels as good, if not better than warm water rinses 
Anxious fingers skim the top layer of cocoa butter that’s been undisturbed 
Breaking the virgin layer of soft scented white chocolate gelatin with actions undeterred 
Deliberate and on purpose is the surplus of anticipation 
With the massaging of her back crossing the line of infatuation 
It was a moment that my carnal urges were led astray 
Converging with a willingness to rub and relax her tensions away 
This wasn’t so much a stolen moment as it was a time of delicate duty 
It was an opportunity, a jar of cocoa butter, and her back and booty 
I put my oiled palms to her back and booty and proceeded with a measured stride 
And felt the tension in tense muscles that were impossible to hide 
Loosening up a lady who loves lingering relaxation 
With fingers oiled and aching to touch this woman of fascination 
Phalanges firmly feeling the muscles in her back and her behind 
By design she melts like the cocoa butter in these fingers of mine 
As she lay forward on her stomach with arms folded and her head to the side 
This was our time, our moment … our place to abide 
Surrounded by four walls, in the bed of our consummation 
We convene in a congress of sorts, cogitating and consultation 
In a conversation, not spoken with words as such 
But in a dialogue understood by the talk of touch 
My cocoa buttered hands oiled and ready to touch every cranny and knack 
Anxious is she for me to put my hands on her @ss and back 
Ready to coat her back and butt with a cocoa butter’s sheen 
And rub away any tension that’s there to make her mean 
Cocoa butter fingers ran the length of her back and booty 
As she loosened up and gave me more of herself to moments that were to be 
One second bleeding into the next as time would gently pass 
I’m straddled on the back of her upper thighs just below the base of her @ss 
As I’m rubbing her body down, my attention is victimized 
By a full and voluptuous @ss that has me hypnotized 
I knead it like a baker handling dough, without confidence shed 
With an experience better to me than the smell of fresh backed bread 
The aroma of cocoa butter permeates our quarters as if not yet - 
The dominant scent in our space is that our hot chocolate 
Underscored by glandular signatures unmistakable to love making connoisseurs 
Pheromones to catalyze the actions of love making doers 
I can smell her ‘center piece’ as it calls in scents, nice and warm 
Kind of the way bees are called to arms as they amass in a swarm 
Olfactorial familiarity of such things jog my sense of smell 
Taking my mind to a place inside of her that I will soon dwell 
With my hands to her back and booty we establish a sensual union 
With fingertips on her spine we’re having tactilian communion 
Exploring her physique like the conquistadors explored the everglades 
Spreading butter on her behind and the small of her back … up to her shoulder blades 
Like expert fingers to a piano, I touch and she responds with proficiency 
Hands on well placed parts of her frame – anesthetized – she sufficiently - 
Calms down like palms downed and humbled by hurricane force winds 
Writhing and slithering to the touch in a way in which no one pretends 
“Umm hmm” is the hymn she hums as I oil her body down 
With hands made for just such a moment I rub and massage the noun - 
That is the body feminine, and warm, and soft 
That begs me to proceed in frequency and in oft 
I thumb press the muscles in between her scapula and spine 
The symmetry of which makes me comment to myself “how divine” 
Working my way down to plump and pretty butt cheeks that are craving to be handled 
Already unclothed like pedicured feet that are beautifully un-sandaled 
Her back and booty are the manipulatives with which my fingers play 
Handling and molding her frame as if it were sculptors clay 
And with the slow churning of her hips exposing her pleasure zone 
I spread her cheeks, and insert a ‘plaything’ of my own 
As the almond slit of her p*ssy peeks through beckoning gluteal lobes 
I feel the inclination of natural urgency to implant my complementary probe 
Where upon penetration, the sensation of moving past labial walls exhilarates me 
Maneuvered and mounted, coupled in coitus with ecstasy that awaits me 
The feel on the down stroke is what sets my satisfactions ablaze 
With subsequent motions that never cease to amaze 
As the sound of feminine grunts softly rise to my ears 
Having morphed into a formidable f*ck from which neither of us veers 
And just as bees go to colors that have tints of violet 
My hands are on her waist and my hips on auto-pilot 
As I pump, bump and grind into the well of her depths 
We stir up a rhythm so that we synchronize the taking of deep breaths 
Her back and booty is my focus as I merge with my lady friend 
Penetrating lush labial lavishings time and again 
Face down and @ss up is her posture all the while I am employing - 
Age old techniques of coitus of which she’s very much enjoying 
I am now her rain cloud, as sweat falls from my pores 
Dew drops hitting her back and booty, salting one of many scores – 
Of moments of ecstatic movement, feel and orgasmic reprieve 
Having the mad passionate sex as had by Adam and Eve 
I’m riding her back like a naked horseman on a horse in galloping stride 
Holding on to my baby as we take each other for a ride 
Heaving and heavy breathing, relieving much stress 
Yin and Yang are in perfect balance while I’m embedded in my seductress 
Her p*ssy feels so d@mn good as I watch her arch her spine 
Not to mention the cushion that is her soft and [now] well oiled behind 
That is the pillow of prominence which provides and added diversion 
Smacking it with the front of my body is this, our sexual excursion 
Holding firmly an area between her back and her booty 
Holding her fast, as she recoils back into me 
As I smack her @ss with my pelvis, which makes her backbone slip 
Amongst the jolting and the jostling, she’s biting her bottom lip 
She says “f*ck me harder” and I oblige her request 
With the arch in her back I just couldn’t contest 
I surrender – as does she – to moments of primal lust 
As our bodies smack together in a desperate moments must 
Sounding as if someone’s smacking the bottom of a jar to get to the contents inside 
Our need for ejaculatory release is so great our bodies collide - 
In a series of repeated collisions that jars her frame 
Causing her @ss to bounce and wiggle like jello on a shaky table – without shame 
Pushing ourselves to limits and boundaries to which we’re spent 
To experience a release that has to be heaven sent 
As our erogenous areas rub each other the right way noting can take its place 
She clutches the bed sheets with both hands, as I don a grimace on my face 
With her back and booty moving in tandem the actions of intercourse are slick 
She is the proverbial flame on the end of my candle stick 
As we both year, burn and churn on a doggy-style kick 
I’m making love to her p*ssy, and she’s making love to my d!ck 
The mutual masturbation that is called sexual intercourse 
Carries with it a compulsion that is the driving force 
Of me holding on to her hips as I extract honey from her hive 
Along with the way that she’s moving her @ss, making me glad to be alive 
We move together like a machine well tuned and synchronized 
Clothed only in our skin and attached at the genitals our actions seem to rise - 
To another plateau as she begs for one last nut 
And I oblige as I hold her hips, and spy her back and her butt 
I feel familiar spasms and I begin to call her name 
So in synch in purpose she starts to feel the same 
In simultaneity we nut, culminating in orgasmic- ejaculatory bliss 
And as I lay next to my baby, I’m still rubbing the back and booty of this musing miss 
Written by: K-JiO 
© 2009

   04-21-2009, 10:11 PM
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So many thoughts came to mind while reading as well as after.. Wow.. nyce write!
Amazin', Your love keeps me dazin'.. I can write about you for days ~ n ~ days ~ n ~days ~ n ~ days ~ n ~..
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