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Started by sublimis17 at 02-02-2009 2:35 PM. Topic has 0 replies.

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   02-02-2009, 2:35 PM
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One again im fighting myself for you, but it hurts me even more to not be with you. to not have your scent on my skin, to not kiss your lips again. leaving you..the words themself rip a hole threw me. trying to stop the wound from hurting but it hurts more now that im no longer intoxicated. no longer binded..this time hurts more than the last and i have a feeling this time wont be the last. my mind is telling me to run from the memories cause its the only way to get over you. my hearts telling me to stick it threw cause your feelings will lead you back to me, because your feelings are true. my mind and my heart still fueding over you..still torn..and the war continues. can't you see how this is killing me. theese years has drained almost of all of my energy. i cant even fight the feelings anymore and im contemplating a way to reverse the chemistry. just when i think we are on the same page, you show me were on a tottally diffrent sentence...a tottally diffrent punctiuation. its harder now to pull myself out of the rubbish. try to save myself from the damage...and i can feel myself getting lost without you.
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