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Started by evangelinegangsterlean at 05-18-2008 5:51 PM. Topic has 0 replies.

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   05-18-2008, 5:51 PM
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The Hell Bound Train
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A harlem thug  layed down on nightclub floor having drank so much he could drink no more
so he fell asleep with a troubled brain to dreamed that he road the Hell Bound Train
where the engine with  murderers  blood was damp and was  brilliantly lit with a brimstone lamp an imp for fuel was shoveling bones while the furnace rang with a thousand groans the
boiler was filled with lager beer the devil himself was the engineer ,the passengers were a motely crew church member, athiest, gentile and jew,rich men in broad cloth ,beggers in rags, handsome young ladies, and withered old hags, yellow men, black men, red ,brown, and white all chained together oh God what a sight ! Then as the train rushed on at an awful pace the sulfurious fumes scorched their  hands and face then out of  the distance there arose a yell ha, ha , said the devil we're nearing hell .where your flesh will waist in the flames roar while my imps torment you forever more   .... and oh how the passengers screeched with pain  they begged the devil to stop the train but he capered about and danced with glee ,he laughed and joked at their misery my faithful friends you have done the work and the devil never can a pay day shirk youve bullied the weak youve robbed the poor the starving brother youve turned from your door youve payed full fare so ill carry you through for it is only right that you should have your do the laborer always expects his hire so ill land you safe in the lake of  fire 
That harlem thug awoke with an anguished cry his clothes wet from sweat and his hair standing high!
he prayed like he had never prayed that hour to be saved from sin and the demons power
but his prayers and his vows were all in vain ......
cause , he never road the Hell  Bound  Train !
Unknown........ posted by Evangelinegansterlean

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