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The Songstress

Started by ItsDeeDee at 10-21-2007 7:21 PM. Topic has 16 replies.

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   10-21-2007, 7:21 PM
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Re: Damn, Damn, Damn... Martin Payne's Momma :(
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Sadly to say tho, a lot of us fell in love with Floetry but when it came down to  "Marsha  & Natalie" as individual entities, sides either had to be taken or people just fell out of love with "FLOETRY". (I'm speaking in my own right these views are not necessarily shared by members of the "board") Seeing you both taking different roads in your life is part of the process of growing up and growing out. Move on to beautiful worlds and make your own decisions cause only you sleep with your conscious at night. You know your thoughts and your burdens. No one knows u mean well unless you explain it to them. But if you choose not to then you dont! Phukkit dot com dot net dot org dot edu! I think no matter what you will always have an abundance of loving fans and likewise Natalie.


Now loan me a dolla

   10-22-2007, 10:48 PM
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Re: Damn, Damn, Damn... Martin Payne's Momma :(
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I second ITSDEEDEE comment.
I have followed floetry from first album to last. Threw music written,produced,featured, and background vocals. One LUV
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