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Started by K-JiO at 09-27-2007 11:47 AM. Topic has 1 replies.

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   09-27-2007, 11:47 AM
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You’re Beautiful When You’re Naked…
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You’re Beautiful When You’re Naked…

You’re beautiful when you’re naked, as are the autumn leaves in the fall
You’re beautiful when you’re wearing absolutely nothing at all
You’re soft on the eyes … beautiful to look upon
Your silhouette is as beautiful as the first lights of dawn
My eyes are glued to your feminine frame – a massage to my optic nerves
Clocked and locked is my eyesight on your beautiful curves
That makes me want you more than I did just a moment ago
That magnifies my desires, and causes parts of me to grow
When you stretch, standing on your tippy-toes and reaching for your finger-tips
Extending your naked body vertically cause my scales to tip –
From covetous aspirations to concupiscent voration
That causes me to want to take you right now … without hesitation
The plumpness of your bre@st turns me into a salivating fool
The roundness of your hips and @ss causes me to outright drool
The movements in your feminine stride causes me to confess
I want to take you right now … in your glorious nakedness

You’re beautiful when you’re naked, surrounded by the elements of air
Au Naturel plain and simple … beautiful and bare
Please excuse the extended glances but I just can’t help but stare –
At a living picture of bre@st, legs and thighs … and a kissable derriere
You are absolutely adorable when your face sports a grin
Complementing the naked beauty of the skin that you’re in
As we converse in the buff, not yet having done the deeds of satisfaction
Just in each other’s company and presence, at times using silence as a caption
I hold you in my arms in all of your epidermal sweetness
Exposed to our immediate surroundings both of us have an uncovered weakness
As we look into each other’s eyes in silence we know this one thing to be true
… You want me just as much as I want you I gently pinch your nipple while at the same time kissing your neck
You wind on me with your gluteal lobes making my male-piece more erect
I resist the urge to merge and insert myself into your tw@t
For a few moments more of foreplay, just to ensure that your cravings are hot

You’re beautiful when you’re naked in this setting that you are viewed
Hugged and cuddled up together, I enjoy you when you’re nude
The winding of your @ss against my mass is in no way misconstrued
I continue with the foreplay, a display of sexual aptitude
I turn you around, lift you, and then gently place you on the bed
Open up your legs and in between proceed to bury my head
You palm the back of my cranium while your wetness, on my face, smears
Stroking the back of my neck and clutching the sheets, your legs wrap around my ears
With a goal in mind … I proceed with my quest
I lift your lower back a few inches more and bury my face deeper in your nest
Exploring your interior with the tip of my tongue
Until all the tension in your background becomes undone
As I taste liberally of the delicacies of your feminine lodge
You put your hand on your cutty and initiate a cl!toral massage
And at last, the affirmation of this pre-intercourse flirt
The moment is exclamated with cries of ecstasy and a squirt

You’re beautiful when you’re naked, physical beauty to be probed
You’re very much a turn on to me when you are completely disrobed
My head buried in the sands of your vaginal sandbox … naughty
After I get my fill, I make like a spider and crawl up the length of your body
We’re positioned to be coupled, awaiting an anticipated sensation
I break through, through labial shutters … umm, the feel of penetration
In this clandestine activity, this private celebration
It seems less like intercourse and more of a collaboration
A collaboration of movements of the soul and spirit
With passion so hot, if it were a furnace, you dare not get near it
We dance horizontally … f*cking each other with pride
We both c*m repeatedly until we’re both satisfied
When our conjugal carousal settles we find ourselves positioned in the spoon
I take your pulse under your left bre@st as your heart plays a percussions tune
Just know that when I hold you in my arms, your reputation is protected
And on that note, I whisper in your ear “You’re beautiful when you’re naked”

Written by: K-JiO
© 2007

   12-22-2007, 11:11 AM
K-JiO is not online. Last active: 1/3/2008 10:55:17 PM K-JiO

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Re: You’re Beautiful When You’re Naked…
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To all the eyes that've seen this piece ... thank you for the read
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