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The Songstress

Started by kokobaby at 10-12-2006 7:34 AM. Topic has 0 replies.

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   10-12-2006, 7:34 AM
kokobaby is not online. Last active: 10/19/2006 10:43:15 PM kokobaby

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Euro-pean Tube
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Regulator! Bring ya ass!
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I leave and come back to silly PM's and thats ok cause I got you alright!


I'm no monkey,I'm a bonafide Gorilla!

I will King Kong ya dome and make you moonwalk like Thriller.

Come on if ya bad,matter of fact just beat it!

I will blow chills through ya spine,blizardly undefeated.

I'm that swamp creole gator from tha boot.

I don't fold or bytch up,I lyricaly shoot!

Keep hatin,a chocolate beauty I will remain.

I can't help that you look like an Ape faced Arrangatang!

Stop tryin to get at me,coming under different names cowardly bytch!

No,you can't have a lick,so go back to the tainted d.i.c.k.



Note: See I told you to stop trying me!


"Reality Is Only Overwhelming In The Eyes Of Those With No Face".

"You are in my poems,if U knew where 2 look,you would find it" .

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