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Started by kokobaby at 10-08-2006 6:10 AM. Topic has 0 replies.

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   10-08-2006, 6:10 AM
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Back From London!
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Hello Fam,I just got back from London so sit back,pour you a drink and chill and allow me to fill you in on some of my journey ok?Ok,here goes:

Thursday night,we drove to the Frankfurt (Hann) airport here in Germany,parked the car in the airport lot and unpacked our luggage and rolled it in to the airport for check in.Confirmed our plane tickets,got the tickets,showed our passports,went through customs check and then soon entered the plane.Got on the plane and we tried to doze off to sleep but an hour later we were already in London Stansted Airport.I could not believe that where we were located in Germany and to London only took an hour! Wow! We got off the plane and got into the London Airport and lord have mercy the damned airport was huge! I mean we walked our asses off to get to Customs so that they could check our passports and was there lines out of the ass! Good thing that we had to go into the Others line because any other folks from other Countires listed had to wait a long time because there were so many people waiting.Time went by and we made it through Customs and then headed to get our luggage,we began to grow tired and was ready to get to out Hotel room.We got the luggage,then decided which route we would take.The least expensive with no wait was to take the Terravision Express Bus and so we did.It zoomed us in 30 minutes to our Hotel in the Victoria Coach Station SW1 area,downtown where everything was.Once we got to the Victoria Coach Station I yelled for the 1st cab that I saw and it stopped and we all got in,went to our Hotel and went to damned sleep!The next day we ate breakfast in the Hotel and started our day.We caught a cab to the Victoria Coach Station which we soon realized that it was in walking distance from the Hotel,the cab only costed us 3.00 (Three Pounds)pounds.We thought that England used Euros like most European Countries.We had no Pounds,only American Dollars and Euros but the cab driver understood our situation and he took the American Dollars,we paid him extra to show him that we were honest.From the cab we took a "Hop On Hop Off" bus tour of the main attractions of London,we only paid 8 pounds a piece for adults and 6 pounds for my son and we could ride for 24 hours off that pass! Wow! Just when they say that London was expensive eh? My mate and I took a lot of photos ,Buckinham Palace, St.Pauls Cathedral,The Tower Of London,The London Bridge, and "Big Ben"! Saturday we spent time shopping ,I bought clothes,perfumes London shirts etc.We shopped in the Victoria Mall and it was nice! The people were very nice! We forgot about the Pounds and again took a cab and the man accepted Euros and then we went to an ATM machine and got some pounds!There was a rumor that the Brits were not very nice people but we had no problems at all! I asked questions and they answered.The thing is,they knew right off the back that we were Americans,I am in the mall shopping for clothing and the guy who works there asked us if we were American and we laughed and said yes and he gave us half off our clothing! There was this old black British speaking women who stopped us and asked us if we needed any help and she showed us were to go.Even the woman who worked in the perfume shop gave us half price off for a combination of products and she was from Scotland.It started to pay off that we were Americans.The black British men waited on us before they waited on the white people and the white people were in line first,this happened even when we were in back of the line waiting to get on the Terrivision Bus,the black guy came to the back of the line ,got us and pulled us on the bus! The men were cool and the women were cool and friendly.The accents were to die for !Yummy!We got kicks off that and tried to mimic the real English language but our American slang gave us away,lol.When you cross the streets cars stop to allow you to pass and don't try to run you over like in some other Cities in other Countries that I know of ! We took cabs were ever we wanted to go and it was cheap,ate nice meals in nice restaurants and the prices were decent for the quality of foods,steak,salmon ,nice wines shyt man! We also went to this fun scary house called "The London Dungeon".They told stories of Jack The Ripper and all kinds of tales and then they scared the shyt out of us but it was fun,my son loved it.Sunday came which is today ,early morning we had to get ready to come back to Germany .The thing about London that I have experienced is that you don't have to wait on anything ,everything is right there for you! Cabs,restaurants,stores,malls,people you name it! Speedy service I say and we enjoyed ourselves and hated to leave but will be going back real soon! The photos that we have taken will be posted real soon,in hopes of this week! London is very metro like with lots of shopping areas,clothing places to shop,I mean a lot! It reminds you of New York,a huge City like that.You would not know that you were even in Europe because London has an American feel to it.A more modern look.They are remodeling many buildings downtown right now as well.Oh and if you are anywhere in Europe and want to fly for less money take the RyanAir Airlines! We flew the 3 of us round trip for a little over a hundred dollars.It is a nice plane /airline as well.Fly cheaper and use that extra money to shop ya ass off when you get to where you are going.(www.ryanair.com)


Much Love!


"Reality Is Only Overwhelming In The Eyes Of Those With No Face".

"You are in my poems,if U knew where 2 look,you would find it" .

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