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Friends of C. French: Episode 1

Hey folks;

Thanks to everyone who has sent in their responses to the "Friends of C. French" questionnaire. It's awesome to be able to get to know you guys a bit better and, more importantly, for you guys to reach out to each other. That's what the net is for. Well, that and p0rn.

On the first "episode" of "Friends of C. French," we present to you Neal AKA Mixtape Monster.

Chester French: When did you first hear about chester french?
Neal: To tell you the truth, I can't remember where I heard of Chester French. I think I came across one of y'alls songs on a random blog or something and I thought it was super hot. I been putting my friends on C-French ever since.

CF: What's your favorite song and why?
N: I think my fave song has gotta be "Fall Back"....I mean damn, KWELI and C-French. Do I really got to explain why that shit is hot? Anyone that needs an explanation on that one should have one of their ears, if not both, Van Gogh-ed.

CF:What other bands do you like?
N: Other groups I'm feeling these days are of course N*E*R*D and Kenna, as well as Little Brother (y'all should hook up with them, I know Phonte could drop some knowledge on cats over a Chester French breakbeat) or pretty much any hip hop cats in the Hall Of Justus. That's how we do it down here in North Cack.

CF: Tell us about yourself, outside of digging Chester French?
N: Me? Shiiiiiiiiit [(c) Clay Davis], just a hip hop and music head who also likes basketball. Alum of the great UNC, so you know I love the college basketball. Also like to post musings, videos, music, and funny stories on my blog. Actually I've posted a few C-French things before and you guys linked my blog in a message. Props for that, much appreciated.

CF: The appreciation is mutual, Neal.

Remember, if you want to be featured on the blog, send us a response to these questions with the subject "Friends of C. French"

-When did you first hear about chester french?
-What's your favorite song and why?
-What other bands do you like?
-Tell us about yourself, outside of digging Chester French?

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Our shows in the UK were incredible, by the way. More details soon.

-DA & Max

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