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Love Remains the Same

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Reverting back to my teenage self

This has definitely made my day.  Bush is still my favourite band (and always will be!) and when I heard you had released a new album I screeched like a 16-year-old and started to jump about.  The new songs sound amazing - I am going out today to hunt down the CD as I've just found out about this - and I just think you're one of the greatest lyricists in existence.  I look forward to seeing you on Canadian Idol Tuesday - I managed to swindle tickets!  SO excited!

You made my day.

I just found out this morning that Gavin has completed a new solo album; and I just can't stop smiling. :) I'll get the CD as soon as possible.
Please, Gavin, come to Belgium once. Or Holland or France, I could get there. But I've been a fan for, say, 5 years already, but I have never seen you perform.
 Keep up the good work.


From a fan that never gave up on you. Thanks for writing truly great songs.

The good 'ol days

When I watch this I can’t help but feel that it had the old school kick to it. The red t-shirt takes me back to the first time I saw Gavin in the glycerin music video. I also see a bit of greedy fly, in fact I see a lot of bush in it. It is a good video but since Gavin has changed his sound so much form the good ol' bush days. I think he should have also changed the video style.
I know I bought the album last night and I hope many others did too.


Cool video, awesome song! So glad you're back & can't wait to see you live in Camden next week!

Lovely video, Lovely Song

<em>Mesmerizing video Gavin. Getting married and having a baby changes your life forever.  Gwen and Kingston must surely be proud.  Cherish every moment with your lovely family.  Cheers to you and yours. Go England!</em>

I think I am in love

I heard this song on "Moonlight" and couldn't go to bed until after I found out who sang it. This is such an amazing song and I absolutely love it (and have to listen to it multiple times a day).  Sad to know this, but I'd never even heard of you until I heard this song. I am your newest fan and can't wait for the release of your album. 


I have been waiting for you to come back Gavin and the video is Great!  Can't wait til you come to the US!  Come to PIttsburgh, PA!

IT is Amazing

i concorde

great video

I love this video...
If you need help for next one I'll be happy to do it for you...I live in Italy and I can't wait to see you here!!!