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Peace Fam'

It is such an exciting event to be this side of sharing this album with u all!

I look forward to hearing what you all think!


Whenever I have a challening day or task ahead of me, I turn it into an event , (my competitive side being just enough to divert my attention from my "don't wanna" temptations, enough at least to make them loose the majority vote...keeping them away from the controls!)...with the ever faster approaching release date of Flo'Ology, The All has blessed us to experience some of these things that the support generated by the people can provide an artist within todays climate. Photo shoots, Vide shoots, Interviews...(all of which we enjoy and give thanks for, as we know what a blessing...or curse... this experience is to have!) So we have been having a few back to back "challenging days...so I've been playing games to last the whole day...still being the best days they could be...by the end...I feel a sense of achiement from not only completing my challenging task... but more importantly, remembering how great this experience is to be blessed to have. I love feeling like I've acomplished something!!

I Am

blah blah blah

I’ve been looking through these eyes for a long time now. If you count time by moments that is. I’ve had many occurrences and witnessed many events. Sometimes I’m not completely sure whether I’m looking through my eyes into this world or another. But it all seems real to me. Many stories to be shared, I just have to write them down. That’s the only problem. I tell my stories very well but I live them even better, in fact it’s almost as if sharing them spoils them. I have at times been heart broken after asking for an opinion, hoping to finally share my joy, only to find myself having to stay away forever because of what the response exposed. “How could you hate her? Did you listen to his story? Did you feel her bravery? He made his own decision.” It all just seems poetic to me. Full of loving sacrifice and blissful metaphors. It’s what we ask for…inspiration, but today if you come too close to writing a bible you will be crucified, and we all know how martyrdom makes humans react! It’s as if it’s in our blood. I find it quite absurd that most people depend on external offerings in order to see their own imaginations! The entertainment industry is an ingenious invention. I don’t think that it was created one who could entertain, it must’ve been created by a close friend! I find that entertainers are usually too caught up “being it”, to find the time to “market it”. There just has to be someone outside of the moment to draw those who are it, away from it, and then charge them a percentage! Genius…my hat is tipped! The art of manipulation…we all do it.


Fam! What an exciting day after! The shoot went so well! Both Marsha and I are extremly happy! We loved all of the set ups, all of the outfits...all of the shots!

So now we just have to be patient! We should be walking the video onto 106 and Park as new joint of the day in three weeks!

It's moving...trust me...

So now you guys just have to prepare yourselves...like me and Marsha are...Flo'Ology is gonna be here sonner than you think! We've all been waiting so long, it knida hard to believe that she's really almost here...but she is!

I am excited!

...heard it on the grapevine!

New Floetry update fam!

I'm in NY, it's 2:03am, I have a call time for 5am so why the hell am I still up?

Just thought that I should let you know that we are shooting the "Supastar" video 2day (21st)!!

Joy joy joy!

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I have a lot of friends and family from New Orleans. My prayers are with those who have lost during such a tragedy. Its unbelievable.



I have a lot of friends and family from New Orleans. My prayers are with those who have lost during such a tragedy. Its unbelievable.


Almost Time!!!

Its is...


(for whatever you want, you hold the keys)


"Where is my heaven?
Where can you be?
How do I get there?
Do I believe?
Where is my sunshine?
Where is your light?
I want to see you
So you can make me smile..."

Sometimes You Make Me Smile- Floetry
Flo'Ology October 2005

Natalie Stewart, my sister,


Marsha Ambrosius

"So much more to be written..."

Sugar Water Tour Finale!!

Well, that's it then. The end of a wonderful beginning. The Sugar Water Festival, Queen Latifah, Jill Scott, Erykah Badu, Floetry.... we have to do that every year just because!!! I had so much fun, plenty of rich experiences, I grew up on this tour, literally. Turned 28 years young and allowed myself to just let go and be comfortable with who I am. Being that my life is like a fantasy, I have to make believe that anything is possible and live my life to the fullest. Last night, jam session hosted by Erykah Badu, living legends Wendy & Lisa, Shelia .E performed, we got up and did a little something, I am so spolied :)

"Juicy/Mr.Messed Up"
"Sweet Thing"
"Nights Over Egypt"
"Long Walk"
"Green Eyes"
"Ye Yo"
"All My Love"
"Sugar in the water y'all"

Sugar Water Festival 2005

Thank you

Go, go, go, go, go.........

Go shawty, its your berfday, we're gonna party like its yo berfday....

Thank you 50.

Anyways, I thank all of you for your birthday messages, poems, shout outs. Love em.

I am in L.A ready to party for real, I'll be on some rollercoasters all day, then whatever else we get into.

As a Leo, I claim the entire month of August as my birthday so I'll be celebrating for real.

Nat and Nayla got me some really cool gifts already. Its about 2.40am PT time. Getting ready for bed, went out last night in Vegas and I'm still a bit wrecked.

much love,



What up everybody! I'm cool, in Concord, CA at da hotel. I know I haven't been getting at you as much as I could have. My bad. Anyways, everything is wonderful, I love this tour. Its like a great big vacation. I'm learning so much from such beautifully genuine people. My birthday is on Monday 8th of August. I'll be 28 years of Splendor :)

Take care and see you at a show


The Countdown Continues...

I'll have you guys know that it hurts me to see the dissappointed looks on your faces and the blase tones in your emails when I can't really tell you when Flo'Ology will actually be in stores. This tentative crap is getting on my nerves too. I can only guarantee that its completely worth the wait.

I am wide awake at 4.37am Saturday morning, haven't slept yet. We have another 20 minutes to perform later 2day on the Sugar Water Festival Tour at The Tweeter Center in New Jersey. Looking forward to it immensely. I kinda switched up a few melodic patterns just for fun in a couple of the songs. I wonder if anyone will notice!!!!??!!

Anyways, nothing has changed, still doing laundry, still not sleeping when I should be.

Holla back


Sugar Water Tour (Day 2)

Maryland, I love the love you give!! Its kinda crazy condensing our set to 20 minutes with the songs that we know many of you wanted to hear. Still, its beautiful to be appreciated and amazing to be amongst such wonderful company, Queen, Jill, Erykah.... Classic. I watched Set It Off last night with Nat, Nayla and Rachel for the first time in a long time. The truth!!!!

Anyways, looking forward to seeing more Fam in the stands. Come on out, get there early, enjoy yourselves.

Sugar Water Tour 2005
Queen Latifah.... Jill Scott... Erykah Badu... special guests Floetry

My Bad!!!!

I'm an idiot!!

Didn't really pay full attention to the directions as to how to add to my diary but now I know.....

What up?

I'm chillin'. Rather than fill you on the inbetweens let's just start here. I'm happy, healthy an rather hungry. Just left a Jamaican take out spot in VA after the 1st Sugar Water show. Had fun on stage as we always do. Its all about having fun for yourself!!!!

Anyways, I'll holla ery now an agin.



Hey Fam,

Welcome to the new and improved floetry.net. To those unfamiliar with how we get down here, its as open as you will allow yourselves to be. We are thankful for the opportunity to give floetry fans and friends to be able to check out the latest in our journey so enjoy.

Much love,

Marsha Angelique Ambrosius aka SongStress

Flo'ology... Summer 2005

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